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Second Grade

Second Graders are Ready to Learn!

Welcome to second grade! We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with your child this year.  During the school year, we will focus on respecting others, following directions, accepting responsibility, organization, and cooperative behavior.  They are expected to communicate their ideas and information effectively in all subject areas.

In reading, second graders become automatic with reading and writing high-frequency words, are immersed in a variety of genres (including fiction and nonfiction texts), and apply different reading comprehension strategies.  The students will also practice responding to texts in multiple formats including verbal and written responses.

Throughout second grade, students write narratives, friendly letters, persuasive and expository paragraphs.  Students are expected to apply grade-level vocabulary, ending punctuation, and beginning capitals to their writing.  They learn spelling patterns that they are expected to apply in their reading and writing.

Our second graders develop an understanding of numbers in base ten as well as place value.  They will learn to collect, display, and interpret data through graphing. Students will learn and master addition to the hundreds place with regrouping as well as subtraction to the hundreds place with borrowing.  In second grade, we also learn time, money, measurement, and geometry. Problem-solving is an important component throughout second-grade math.

We are excited to explore our world through science. Our second graders investigate, explore, and observe to build an understanding of changes in our physical environment including plant and animal interdependence, states of matter, and changes to land and water.

In second grade social studies, students learn about different types of communities and how people interact to make positive contributions to the community they live/work in.  The students learn about influential historical figures through research.

We are so happy to have you as part of our second-grade family this year.  Please contact your classroom teacher if you are interested in volunteering.