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Arrival and Dismissal


Sarah Huber, RN

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(585) 289-9650

Elementary School Hours 9:05 am -3:05 pm

We cannot supervise children who arrive at school before 9:00 am. If a student is going to breakfast, they can arrive at 8:50 am.

If your student is ill, call the NURSE'S OFFICE and state the nature of the illness.


We Need a Phone Call When:

Your student is ill (must be called in DAILY). Please state the nature of the illness.
Your student will be late. Please state the approximate time of arrival and reason for late arrival.
Your student will be absent for any reason. Please state the reason for the absence.
If your student is changing dismissal plan for the day. Changes will not be accepted after 2:30 pm.

We Need a Note When:

You are picking your child early for any reason OR at dismissal.
Your child returns from an absence.
You are going out of town or know ahead of time that your student will be absent.

When writing notes, please add child’s full name, the parent’s full name or the name of the person who is picking up, and the name of the student's teacher.


Late Arrivals

Students entering school after 9:15 am are required to bring an excuse describing the reason for the tardiness.  The student must be signed in at the main office by the adult bringing the student to school. Parents are typically not permitted to escort their child to the classroom. Instead, the child will take their note down to the nurse's office to check in.


Dismissal Procedure

Send a note in if you are picking up your student. If you must phone in a student pick-up, please call us by 2:30 pm. All students being picked up are to be signed out at the UPK doors. RE: Half day dismissals we prefer a note be sent in with your child if you will be picking them up that day.