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Principal's Message

Jeff McCarthy
Elementary Principal 


      At Red Jacket, we believe that elementary school is a time for students to play, explore, and connect with one another.  Through learning experiences during the school day, students will practice their social and emotional skills, learn literacy and math concepts, investigate and inquire through science, and learn how to be of service to the community. Most importantly, we hope they learn to LOVE learning!

       The staff is dedicated to collaborating in order to develop each child emotionally, physically, and intellectually.  Our staff strives to provide each child with an educationally stimulating and supportive learning environment.  Red Jacket students work toward high expectations in curricular areas that support their growth in cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development.  The staff welcomes families to the campus and encourages them to become involved in the school community.  Fair, consistent discipline, enhanced by a school-wide conflict resolution program, lays the foundation for the development of lasting success in a global community.

       Because students learn best when there is a partnership between home and school, we encourage you to become involved in your child’s school experience.  We believe that consistent, two-way communication between home and school is key to our students’ academic and social success.